Barbering School & Men’s Haircuts

This barbering course is addressed to beginners who want to get involved only with men’s hairdressing art and the traditional straight razor shaving.

Using Vidal Sassoon’s and Schorem’s Old School method, and under the guidelines of our experienced professors, you have the opportunity to become professional hairdressers.

This training is taken place in small group classes (up to 10 members), so as for the quality of the course to be the best.

Register now for the barbering course of Gianneri Academy if you want to be top in men’s haircuts and earn an high employment prospects.

1st stage

Shampooing techniques & treatments

Theory of haircutting

Face shape theory

Basic haircut techniques for long hair:
• Line
• Graduation & Layers

Introduction to haircut shapes
• Triangle
• Round
• Square

Dermatology & Hair structure

Demonstrations & lectures

2nd stage

Men’s styling

Haircut techniques for short hair:
• Graduation
• Layers
• Flat top
• Modern men’s haircuts
• Trends in men’s haircuts
• Scissor over comb technique

Modern fade techniques

Clipper cutting techniques

Hair thinning techniques

Straight razor shaving

Demonstrations & lectures

Training on live models

3rd and 4th stages

Advanced haircut techniques:
• Point cut
• Slice cut
• Overdirection

Razor techniques

Razor fade

Combination of haircut techniques

Theory of hair dyes

Colouring techniques/highlights

Beard grooming techniques

Organisation and running of a barbershop

Training on live models

σχολή μπάρμπερ 1

Barber School

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Hours: Monday to Friday, 4 hours a day