Photo of Giorgos Gianneris founder of Gianneri Academy

Giorgos Gianneris


Giorgos Gianneris, who has been a professional hairdresser since 1974, is the founder of the Gianneri Academy School & Cosmetology. He started his career in his homeland Drama, and later, he came in Thessaloniki where, shortly, his talent made him stand out among Greek hairdressers.

In 1978, he opened his first hair salon in the centre of Thessaloniki, and in a short time period, he managed to earn a market position far above its competitors. As an active and enterprising man, he achieved to create his own chain of salons and he became a protagonist of the hairdressing events in the city.

During his career until today, he has participated in various seminars in order to be informed of new fashion trends. In addition, he regularly attends further training seminars at known hair salons in abroad.

Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy and Alan International are some the known names that influence him and inspire him so as to form his own unique and educational opinion about hairdressing art.

Lilian Gianneri marketing and financial manager of Gianneri Academy

Lilian Gianneri


In 1992, Giorgos Gianneris established the Gianneri Academy School with his wife, Lilian Gianneri. Gianneri Academy School is a modern and fully equipped training centre which offers a complete education in basic hairdressing art, aesthetics and nail-art. It also offers an advanced or further training in professional hairdressing art. In our Academy, students have the opportunity to develop their talent and improve their skills, applying new techniques and the appropriate knowledge for their career development. Lilian Gianneri runs the marketing and economic department of the company. She is also head of Career Office of Gianneri Academy, aiming at the graduates’ promotion in the labour market.

Olga Gianneri

Haircutting & Barbering Instructor – Creative Director

instagram: @giannneri

She is the new generation of Gianneri Academy. She made her first steps in hairdressing next to her father when she was a little girl. Finally, she decided to follow the professional path of hairdressing art. She combines her studies in economics and administration of University of Cyprus with the hairdressing art. Furthermore, every year, she attends seminars at Vidal Sassoon’s Academy in London. Specifically, she attends ABC Cut, Salon Creative Cut & Colour and Disconnection which focus on haircuts and further training.

Marios Theodosiou

Haircutting Instructor

A graduate of the Sassoon school in London and having attended seminars by Toni and Guy, he worked in hair salons in Guatemala and Italy and returned to Greece with the aim of transferring all their philosophy and experience to the school’s students through education.

Asimina Golosi

Hairstylist – Color Specialist

She has graduated from both the basic and advanced level of the Gianneri Academy Hairdressing School. Her love for hairdressing and her talent has been distinguished since the first months of her studies. As a result, she quickly became a member of our professional team. She aims to create great and impressive hair-creations and develop her hairdressing knowledge attending professional seminars.

Despina Tolika

Nail designer - Instructor

She has been a professional nail-artist for the last ten years. He attends advanced seminars about new techniques and special seminars about marketing and professional conduct. Her aim is to make her students acquire both experience and professional spirit.

Stellina Gaitani

Nail-artist & Design Specialist

She is a graduate of our Academy who has a natural talent for designing on nails. After her graduation, she has worked at Ganneri Academy immediately. She has attended various special seminars about nail-art, and now she works at Gianneri Academy as an experienced nail designer who is renowned for her creativity and teaching transmission.

Xara Stergiou

Hairdressing Instructor

With over twenty years of experience, Xara has worked at known hair salons in Thessaloniki and has acquired special knowledge in modern hairdressing techniques like chromatology, hair extensions and night hairstyles. She is also well known because of her knowledge in marketing. In addition, she regularly attends seminars by renowned hairdressers in both Greece and abroad so as to share her knowledge and creativity with students.

Basilios Koukounitsas

Barber Instructor

He is a graduate of our Academy who, after his graduation, decided to be a specialist in men’s haircuts. At the same time, he has been attending seminars about modern techniques of men’s haircuts and traditional shaving in Greece and abroad, like Vidal Sassoon and Tony & Guy’s seminars. Today, he is a member of the Gianneri Academy training team. His training method is distinguished by his patience and transmission.

Jenny Sourdi

Make-up artist

Having participated in various seminars with renowned make-up artists from Greece and abroad, she became an expert on beauty and fashion make-up. She has undertaken many fashion catalogues, editorials, TV spots and fashion events. It is her passion for her profession that makes her be improved by attending special seminars and being always aware of new techniques and products.