Nail-art & Nail-aesthetics

Short-term course-3 months

The 3-month nail program is addressed to beginners who want to be trained in the basic techniques of Nail-art and nail-aesthetics in a careful and accelerated manner.

Gianneri Academy offers for free all the necessary tools and equipment to its students.

The nail-program includes:

Η κάθε τεχνική εφαρμόζεται, εφόσον έχει διδαχθεί σε ζωντανά μοντέλα!

1-and-a-half months

• Manicure (simple, French)
• Pedicure (simple, French)
• Nail structure
• Professional ethics
• Use and sterilisation of the equipment
• Nail diseases
• Use of nail drill/rasp
• Semi-permanent nail polish (gel)
• Application of semi-permanent manicure/pedicure (simple, French)
• Removal of semi-permanent manicure/pedicure
• Paraffin Nail spa (paraffin treatments)
• Daily demonstrations and application


• Natural nail extensions (gel, acrylic)
• Artificial nail tips (gel, acrylic)
• Artificial nail forms (gel, acrylic)
• Maintenance and Removal of gel and acrylic nails using nail drill
• Natural Gel nail extensions
• Daily demonstrations and application
Every technique is taught on live models, and later, students themselves apply the technique.

Προσφορά μαζί με την εγγραφή
-> Έκπτωση 20% 1ο Σεμινάριο
-> Έκπτωση 25% 2ο Σεμινάριο
-> Έκπτωση 30% 3ο Σεμινάριο
Αφορά σεμινάρια Ονυχοπλαστικής και Αισθητικής


Επαγγελματικό σεμινάριο Nail Art & Design 

αξίας 200€ .

Duration: 3 months

Hours: Twice a week (morning & afternoon classes)

When you fulfill successfully your studies, you will receive a Diploma by Gianneri Academy which is issued by both the Greek Ministry of Education and European Union.

    Σχόλια αποφοίτων ονυχοπλαστικής της Σχολής Γιαννέρη